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Vampire Ceasar

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1 0.5 parts squeeze half a lime! Lime juice
1 splash 2 table spoons Tabasco
1 part 1 5th of a highball glass Vodka
1 dash a few dashes in the drink and rim the glass Pepper
1 5.0 parts Clamato juice

Rim the glass with lime juice and dip into black ground pepper to rim the glass, Squeeze in 1/10 of fresh lime juice or at least half a lime, then pour in 1/5 Vodka of your choice, a few splashes of Tabasco sauce or 2-3 table spoons, a dash or two of ground black pepper, then pour in Motts Clamato extra spicy juice! one or two ice cubes if you like and Add a celery stalk and enjoy!
...This is essentially a bloody ceasar but with lime juice as a twist and a bit more Tabasco than your used to, the lime juice brightens up the whole flavor of the ceasar and adds a refreshing clean taste but with a tart sour sharp burst of flavor, it makes you literally salivate while you sip it essentially making you "blood" thirsty hence the name "Vampire" ceasar in keeping with the ceasar theme, Enjoy!