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Whaley's Football Game

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1 5 oz Poured from Quart sized freezer bag smuggled into stadium Bourbon
1 16 oz Stadium Drink Maximum Ice. Drink 5 oz of soda Cola

Pour 10-15 ounces of boubon into a quart sized freezer bag and remove air and seal. Then place bag into another freezer bag and seal. Place bagged bourbon in your pants just above your "junk" and hang the top of the bag over the elastic of your underwear. Untuck your shirt and head to stadium. Once inside head to concession stand and order a medium diet coke filled with ice. DO not order large because all the ice will melt. Drink or pour out cola to make room for bourbon. Go to seat and remove bourbon from pants and pour into cup. Swirl with finger and enjoy. Repeat 4-6 times during game.