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Summer Berry Sangria

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0.25 cut into slices Orange
0.25 cup cut into small pieces Strawberries
750 ml White Wine
12 oz white grape juice Grape Juice
0.25 cup Raspberries

pour out wine into a large pitcher. pour in white grape juice (10-15oz depending how sweet you want it), 1/3 cup strawberries, 1/4 cup raspberries, 1/4 cup blackberries, 1/4 blueberries and optional sugar to taste. let sit at least 12 hours for flavors to mix together (ideally you should wait 24-48 hours). when you check on the wine, it should be a light pink-y color and smell sweet. you can check on it and let sit longer or shorter to taste. pour into sugar rimmed wine glasses and garnish with fresh strawberries. you can also add sprite or something else bubbly & slightly sweet.