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Sangre De Torro

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1 fifth Brandy
1 lb Grapefruit Juice
2 lb Orange
4 gls Red Wine
1 lb Sugar

There are ingrediants here that the list doesn't have. First, but a lot of citrus and other fruit, cut them up and squeeze them into 5 or more gallon cooler. (Put the fruit in there too, with the rinds.) Pour the lb of sugar in there and the fifth of brandy. Let that sit for at least a day, but no more than 3 days, and try to keep it refrigerated if possible. Next, pour in all the re wine (the cheaper the better). Then get a bunch of juice concentrate and put that in to taste. Orange and grape concentrate is good, as well as lime, but you want this to be sweet. Put in more concentrate until you can't taste the booze. Serve it outside on a hot day with disposable cups over ice.