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2 tsp Cinnamon
3 shots Sambuca

Place one shot glass on top of a small saucer/bread plate, fill the shot glass with Sambucca, then pour the remaining (1-2 shots) over the top so the sambucca overflows onto the plate.
Get a large glass tumbler (about 15cm - 6 inches).
Light the Sambucca and sprinkle the Cinnamon over the flame, hold the glass over the top of the flame (to catch the fumes), then after 30sec-1min place the glass over the top of the flame (to starve the flame of oxygen).
Once the flame has gone out, get a serviette and lift the glass, use the serviette to trap the fumes in the glass.
Quickly drink the shot and drain the plate.
Using a straw, inhale the fumes from the glass (in one foul swoop).