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Sho-Nuff Shit Faced

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1.25 oz Amaretto
12 oz Beer
1.25 oz Gin
1 shot Tequila
1.25 oz Vodka

First, you`ll need a shot glass and a beer mug/glass, short glass (atleast 4oz) and a shaker to mix the drink. Fill the shot glass full of Tequila. Take the shaker fill it with ice pour in 1 1/4 of each of the following: Amaretto, Gin, Vodka. Shake in shaker pour out into the short 4 oz. glass (be sure not to get ANY ice in the glass). Fill a frosty mug/glass with beer. Line them up in this order: Tequila shooter, mixed drink, beer. Drinking Instructions: Chug the Tequila, immediatly chug the mixed drink, immediatly chug the beer. WARNING You WILL get sick after drinking this. Be careful. If you don`t think you can chug all this DO NOT ATTEMPT it.