Wrestling Drinking Game Who doesn't love alcohol and professional wrestling? The two go hand in hand, but just because the wrestlers aren't actually competing doesn't mean you at home cannot. The game is easy as you take drinks every time one of the following events occur: 1 drink: every time a new wrestler's theme music plays (this can get ugly before tag team matches and battle royales); every time a match is interrupted for a commercial; every time someone gets thrown out of the ring 2 drinks: every time someone uses a weapon, every time someone uses their "special" move, whenever anyone starts bleeding, whenever a wrestler is pinned or submits 3 drinks: whenever a wrestler is disqualified, before a title match or a "special" match. (Special matches include (but are not limited to): cage matches, chain matches, street fights, battle royales (told you they get ugly), ladder matches, iron man matches, elimination matches. any match with special rules-or no rules-is a special match) CHUG: whenever the referee is knocked out, whenever a wrestler picks up and uses a microphone SUPERBONUS CHUG: he doesn't show up too much anymore, but if Stone Cold should happen to make an appearance, chug once for every pair of beers he open up This game should be played with caution, as it can get quite unruly and may instigate impromptu matches in you house. If this should happen (and don't believe for a minute that it won't) everyone-but the ones wrestling-should chug and then break them up before someone gets hurt