Things you need: 4-10 people in a circle 2 dice 2 shot glasses beer, liquor, or mixed drinks Basically, one person starts off the game. He fills up two shot glasses of beer, liquor, or mixed drinks (whatever you want depending on how fast you want to get drunk). He then chooses two people to go to "war" with each other. Each person is given a die. As soon as the person with the shot glasses touches the full glasses, the other 2 roll the die while the person with the 2 shots drinks. As soon as the person finishes their shots and puts them down on the table, the person with the highest die wins (i.e. 4>2, so the person who rolled 4 wins). The loser takes the 2 shot glasses, fills them up, and he picks two new people to go to "war" and roll the dice. This continues on. There are four catches. (each is OPTIONAL to how you want to play) 1) The rule "Let 'em roll" does not stand in this game. As soon as the person slams down their empty shot glasses, the #s of the dice are the ones used (if a die is still rolling, it has no value; therefore, the other die wins). 2) The person drinking can hold onto the drink as long as he wants. This allows a person to get a higher number over the person he is at war with (the drinker and a roller can team up against the other person to get them to lose). 3) If the same number is rolled by both die, either person says "WAR" and the drinker of the 2 shot glasses drinks whatever is remaining in his shots, fills em back up, and has to to start over again. 4) The shot glasses and the dice can only be manipulated with a person's pinkies. If the person with the glasses touches the glasses with anything but his pinkies, then the rollers can start rolling. If the rollers touch the die with anything other than their pinkies BEFORE the person with the shots starts to drink them, then they have to drink the two shots while the other 2 people roll (as soon as the person with the shots touches them with his hands, the dice rollers can touch the dice with their hands too). (like in 7,11)