War for Beer Shots You will need: Beer, friends, and shot glasses (4 or 5 should be fine) Game is simple yet exciting and easy to play and guaranteed to f*ck you up! Game best played with 4-10 people Simply sit in a circle with a deck of cards. You have a dealer and a beer shot pourer. Dealer will flip a card for everyone sitting in the circle. Lowest card drinks. If you have matching card with another person, results in double shot, to determine who takes the double, you play war with the person by flipping cards, whomever has the lower one loses and take the double shot. If you get matching cards again , its makes it double double meaning 4 shots.. and so on. The number of matching cards initially equals the number of beer shots...then you play war to determine who takes the shots. If you are the lowest card and there are higher cards that are matched, lower still takes their one shot, and the matched will play war like above and do the double or triple... and so on. Once shots are taken, repeat until load of bears are gone. Joker card is optional: Joker matches whoever has to drink, so if there are lower and matched cards, joker drinks equal to all that has to drink Cheers!