Walla Walla Moose You get VERY drunk It sounds like a dumb game, but after a few drinks, everything becomes funny! Sit around a table and put a deck of cards in the middle. Make sure you each have at least a couple of mixed drinks or beer. The first person draws a card. Cards # 2-5 is the number of drinks you take, #6-10 is the number of drinks you pass out. The Jack is the Walla Walla Moose Master. When you pick up this card you make moose antlers with your hands and put them on your head and yell "Walla Walla Moose!". The last person to do it has to drink. You can do this at anytime till someone else draws a Jack and becomes the Walla Walla Moose Master. The Queen is the question master. If the person with this card asks a question, the person who answers has to drink. It may be a simple question like, "what time is it?". The King is the Thumb Master. They put their thumb on the edge of the table. The last person to it has to drink. Both the Question Master and the Thumb Master are that until someone else draws a Queen or King. The Ace is the Rule Master. They can make up any rule they want. For example, "Each time a girl drinks, the guys have to drink as well." These rules stick for the duration of the game. The game ends when the cards are gone, but you can always reshuffle!