The Ultimate Race Find yourself lots of booze, a deck of cards, and a bunch of friends that are either really drunk or really comfortable about their bodies! After shuffling the deck and making sure everybody has a full drink, the dealer gives two cards to each player, faces up. Add together the two cards, with aces being valued at 12, King/Queen/Jack valued at 11 and everything else face value. Whoever has the highest sum becomes the drinker, having to drink the equal amount as their sum (One drink is about an ounce) . In the case of a double card , the drinker only has to drink half the sum (eg. 2 Jacks=11 "drinks"). The two people who have the closest sum values become the strippers. The challenge is for the two strippers to switch their cloths with each other (Pants and Shirts are mandatory, underwear is a personal decision) before the drinker finishes. This means all the buttons, zippers, clasps, etc. on the clothes must be done up. If the drinker wins the "race," the strippers must drink the value of their 2 cards. If the strippers win the race, they each get to pick one person (doesn't have to be a stripper/drinker) to drink the value of that player's cards. In a scenerio where one stripper is dressed before the drinker finishes and the other isn't, the losing stripper drinks their sum of their cards, while the winning stipper choses someone else to drink. This is a game of luck, so how fast you get drunk depends on the sum of your cards, and if you become a stripper, it sucks to be fat, cuz it hard to squish a 200 pounder into a size 5 outfit. The drunker you get, the harder it becomes to switch clothes fast, always resulting in some interesting moments. Anyway, I gaurantee that this game is a blast, so have fun!