Tsunami What you need: - 3+ People - Deck of Cards How to play: Shuffle deck, flip first card over(Aces Highest, 2s lowest). The dealer chooses the person to start. The first person can say, higher, lower, purple, or tsunami. purple=next 2 cards must be same color tsunami=next 4 cards must be 2red and 2black Guesser must get 4 cards right in a row in order to pass and become dealer. Cards stay on the table until someone gets it wrong. When someone gets it wrong, they chug while the dealer counts out the cards. Dealer may count as slow or fast as they want. Example: The first card flipped over is a 4. First person guesses what the next card will be, higher or lower. If they guessed higher and the next card is a 3, they drink however many cards are on the table. Game doesn't end until the beer runs out or you're too messed up to play.