======= Rimmers ======= This drinking game involves bouncing a coin (typically a 10cent piece), off of the surface of a table (a linoleum one is very suitable as it is really bounc y). The participants form a circle around the selected table with a full glass of their favorite brew (naturally alcoholic). The aim is simple, to land the coin inside the glass cleanly, without contacti ng the glass at all by bouncing it of off the table (generally the edge of the coin is best, however, it is entirely the choice of the bouncer.) If the boun cer manages the feat then he/she may select someone who then must skull. (What fun!!). If the coin hits the rim in any form what so ever then it is a RIMMER (bummer for the bouncer), the bouncer must skull. If the coin completely miss the glass, then nothing, the round passes to the next participant without pen alty. Therein lies the game most simple really and quit fast. Beware playing this as one's supply of beverage disappears before one's eyes!!