Queens & Jacks Much like the game "Queens" with a few additions to make it more interesting- not to mention much more intoxicating! Shuffle the deck of cards. Spread them out so that any card can be chosen. Youngest lady -or whoever you want it doesn't matter- goes first by choosing a card. The following tells what action should be taken by the chooser: Ace - Pick any player to drink King - All players drink Queen - Ladies drink but if a lady picks a Queen, she gets to make a rule. (e.g. "guy has to give a lady a compliment before he picks his next card or he has to drink" -trust me, the rules only get cheesier as the game goes on) Jack - Men drink but if a guy picks a Jack, he gets to make a rule. generally, the rules are to be made for the opposite sex to follow. 10 - 2nd person on right of chooser drinks 9 - 2nd person on left of chooser drinks 8 - All players drink chooser makes a rule (for any- or everyone) 7 - Person to right of chooser drinks 6 - Person to left of chooser drinks 5 - change direction (i.e. from clockwise to counter-clockwise) everyone drinks 4 to 1 - the person picking the card drinks that many drinks. rules last until all cards have been picked up and a new round begins. Play continues to the left, unless a 5 -the change of direction card- was drawn. Game is more fun with 2 decks. If you like to have many rules during one game, you can also allow ladies to make rules when choosing Jacks in addition to Queens. Same with guys picking Queens in addition to Jacks.