Never Have I Ever This game may be played by 3-100 people Essentially, people ask each other questions. The first person to start will be picked by the group or can voulenteer. The person seated to the left of the person who has asked the current question will ask the next question. Questions must be asked in the form of, "Never have I ever *done a certain thing, wanted to do a certain thing, seen a certain thing, heard a certain thing, etc." It's just a more fun phrasing of the question, "have you ever..." Everyone who has done the mentioned activity must take a drink. The person asking the question may ask the group may ask any question he likes, even if he has done what he's asking about. For example, I could say, "Never have I ever been abducted by aliens," even though I never have been and won't have to drink. Questions will naturally become racy and interesting, and it's fun to see who has done what. There are no winners in this game; everyone gets moderately-highly intoxicated and enjoys themselves.