Monk Drinking Game Drunkeness may vary from season to season. Take one drink: Any time Monk says "You will thank me later." Each time he purposefuly touches something without moving it. (Opening credits count) Any time he asks or a wipe. Anytime he uses a ziplock bag for something other than food. Anytime he washes something before throwing it away. Take two drinks: When a referance is made to "Trudy" Captian Stodelmier watches Adrian panic Adrian panics over being touched (hand shaking does not count) Randy provides an incorrect theory Take a shot: Monk touches something without wipeing or rearranging it Monk is lieing Randy gives a theory that is correct Monk allows someone to touch him (hands not included) Monk requests an item inspected by a specific inspector ( he'a not a big fan of inspector number six; take two shots if you know which inspector he prefers) Monk or one of his asistants is caught breakeing and entering Adrian gets a clue to Trudys death A photo of Trudy is shown Adrian wants an item out of place