MAGIC CARD DRINKING GAME This is a drinking game that my brother-in-law made up, it gets you pretty drunk pretty quickly. You need A LOT of beer/drinks, a deck of cards, and about 5-6 people maximum(if you have more people, use a second deck). Shuffle the cards and spread them out over a table. Each player takes one card and places it face up in front of them. This is that player's magic card. The magic card stays face up throughout the game in front of each player. The player with the highest card goes first by taking a random card from the table. If the player draws: The same number/face card as their magic card - they have 10 drinks to give away to the other players, distributable to whomever and however they choose The same number/face card as someone else's magic card - the person whose magic card it matches has to drink 5 drinks And, regardless if this is someone's magic card, the player who draws these cards gets to give away to whomever they want: A - 4 drinks K - 3 drinks Q - 2 drinks J - 1 drink (it's customary to drink this one yourself) Player places the cards they draw in a separate stack from their magic card but keeps the cards they draw. Player continues their turn until he/she draws a card that is no one's magic card, and not a face card. Basically until they draw a card that requires no action. Then the player next clockwise begins their turn. After all cards have been drawn, players count up all of the cards they have drawn plus their magic card. Whoever has the most total cards gets to give away five drinks to whomever they choose. Since there is so much drinking going on, it's easy for someone to take a card when it isn't their turn. If this happens, that person has to take five drinks. It sounds confusing, but once you've played it, you'll want to play it again.