Lighters you need one less lighter then people playing,a deck of cards everyone sits around table, with lighters in the middle. object is to get four of a kind in your hand but have no more than four cards in your hand at a time. deal four cards per person, the dealer looks at one card at a time in deck and passes it to the person to right...when you have four of a kind pick up a lighter and every one else is to do whether they have four of a kind or not.the last person without a lighter must drink. then rotate the dealer. when you get the hang of the game it will go very fast...and 6:00 am comes sooner than you think. Warnning---DO NOT have any thing on table but cards and lighters. it will go flying or be us... and parts may be grabbed on bodies when people dive for lighters, its happened many of times. this game is fun and amusing!!!!! To make more interesting the loser must take off an article of clothing...and even be able to put clothes back on when you win. or after you are totaly naked you can put clothes back on when you get a lighter.