Fuck You Game The game is best played with four or five people anymore and it takes the action away from the game. All you need is beer, cards, and a person to count time. Lay the cards out in four rows and four collumns and then deal out the rest of the deck. The counter flips over the first card in the first row and column. The counter begins to count to three and if players have the card that was flipped they call out fuck you (fill in the name of the person you want to drink). The trick of the game is to be the last person to get to call fuck you to a person. If a person calls fuck you after the counter reaches three he must finish his beer. The trick of this game is making alliances with friends to get one person drunk i.e. someone you dont like or a signifigant other. The way you count how many drinks you take if you have been "fucked" is by multiplying the rows by columns of the card that was flipped. Great way to mess with your friends and gets you sloppy after a few rounds.