Forfeit. What you do is Play the game Hi Lo, but with a twist. You need a deck of cards , Dice and to print out these cards or make your own. This game is worth making. Place one card on the table face up and the rest in a pile next to it, the person who starts guesses Hi Or Lo and then flips the card over, If they guessed right, its the next players turn. If they guess wrong, they either roll the dice and drink the amount shown on the dice, Or take a Forfeit Card. When you take a forfeit card, you roll one dice and do what the card says. Then its the next players turn. Its that simple. Here are some of the cards that we play with. Have Fun. 1) Repeat Everything Everyone Says. 2) Kiss the most attractive person there. 3) Mime a strip tease. (3 Minutes) 4) Wolf Howl when somebody leaves the room. -Whole Game 5) Perform a famous Will Ferril Quote. 6) Touch each player with a different body part simultaneously. 1) Speak Only In 3 Word Sentences. -10 Minutes. 2) Remove an Undergarment without leaving the room. 3) Attempt a 15 Second Handstand. 4) Invent a Nickname for everyone playing. 5) Impersonation Of Madonna. 6) Jump Over a Chair 1) Copy everything the player on the right does. 2) "Is there a pleasent peasent present?" -10 Times 3) Point and Name 6 Bones. 4) Borrow and Wear 3 Articles of Clothing. 5) Carry Player On The Left. 6) Collect a Paper, Blade Of Grass and Glass Bottle in under 3 minutes. 1) Spell "Necessarily" backwards. 2) Arm Wrestle Person On Left. 3) Do Three Kartwheels. 4) Yodel when ever someone enters the room. -Whole game 5) I Miss My Swiss Miss, My Swiss Miss Misses Me. - 5 Times. 6) Speak In English Accent for 5 Minutes. 1) Do a Running commentary about something happening in the room. 2) Speak in an Italian Accent for 5 Minutes. 3) Nine Nimble Nobelman, Nibbling Nettles -5 Times 4) Invent a poem about the player on the Left. 5) Name the Seven Seas. 6) Give money to a complete Stranger. 1) Sing a song to the player on the left. 2) Perform an Elvis Song. 3) Name 3 Countries the start with the letter "D" 4) Decribe the perfect Date. 5) Sixty Six Slick Salvations - 6 Times. 6) Speak Without Showing Your Teeth -5 Minutes. 1) Roll The Dice - Hand Out That Many Drinks 2) Everybody Drinks. 3) 3 Man - Drink Whenever Someone Rolls a 3. Put On Your Drinking face. 4) Player to the left drinks. 5) Player to the right Drinks. 6) Thumb Master.