The Official Family Guy Drinking Game This game is a way to enjoy your favorite beverage while watching everyone's favorite animated show, Family Guy. It's as easy as drinking the required amount of drinks whenever any of the following acts appear on the show. TAKE ONE DRINK: Peter gets hurt, You see the word "Quahog," Any gay reference, Peter's trademark laugh, Anytime someone falls down, Any cartoon reference, A flashback sequence, Anytime Brian drinks, Peter does something dumb, or Peter says "Holy Crap." TAKE TWO DRINKS: Any movie reference, Stewie tries to kill Lois, A gag is repeated, Stewie formulates a plan, Stewie has a weapon, Brian and Stewie fight, Peter embarrasses Meg, Stewie says "Go To Hell," Peter is watching TV, or Stewie talks to his stuffed animals. TAKE THREE DRINKS: Quagmire makes a sexual reference, Chris gets nervous around a girl, Peter gives Chris bad advice, Peter forgets his kids names, A non-human character is shown (excluding Brian), Any Nudity, or A visit to the Drunken Clam. CHUG, DAMN YOU!: Lois in lingerie, Peter has facial hair, "Evil Monkey" makes an appearance, Lois' parents show up, Any mentions of a TV network or the censors, Stewie and Brian do a song and dance routine, or Any character goes on a rambling monologue.