EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND DRINKING GAME 1 DRINK When Robert appears in his police uniform Whenever Marie says "Dear" Anytime one of the kids appear, if two then two drinks etc Every time Frank loosens his pants or appears without pants Every time Marie hugs someone Every time Marie and/or Frank show up unannounced Every time Ray makes a cheap-shot at Robert Every time Frank makes a cheap-shot at anyone Half SHOT Every time Debra Screams "Ray" If Marie appears in her robe If Ray is shown at work If Marie offers Ray some food (this one normally is the roughest of the rules) 1 SHOT When ever Frank says "Holy Crap? (this one can be the worst depending on the episode.) Anytime Roberts Date appears (ignore rule if he's engaged or married in the episode) If Amy's parents appear in the episode If Raymond gets laid If Franks buddy appears and says "Hey, Ray's Here? if you watch the show you'll know who I mean) If Nemo's restaurant is mentioned or shown Anytime Champskey II is shown (Robert's Dog makes limited appearances) By: Evan Pascoe