DEMZEM 3 cards are dealt to each player, all other cards are spread out on the table face down. the first player picks up a card, three choices 1) give to someone 2) make a pair 3) reciver makes a pair 1) Each card has different meaning as follows A - can't talk unitil 3 people say your name 2 - sing song line from favorite song 3 - can't say names, unitil next 3 is pulled or passed 4 - take a shot 5 - kiss to left 6 - elimate from game, finish drink 7 - you drink 7 8 - handout 8 drinks 9 - dare card 10 - change shirt with person to right J - waterfall Q - chug whole drink K - bathroom 2) if you make a pair on your pick everyone drinks for face value J, Q, K being 10 3) the giver has to perform what card requires. i.e. I have a 4 and the person i pass to has a four i have to take the shot! If a rule is disobeyed: the player who disobeyed must drink a combination of all other players drinks to the ration they choose. *A player can bluff on making a pair but if called on that player must perform double of the card value predetermined by the rules.