The game: Drunken 8's the premise: To be the first one to get rid of all ur cards the rules: 1. same rules as normal Crazy 8's 2. every time you have to draw a card you have to drink once (not for each card tho, unless ur hardcore) 3. every time there is a suit change due to a double card (ie: a 7 of spades on top of a 7 of hearts) the other players that did not put down the suit change card have to drink once 4. Every time the suit is changed with an 8 card the other players that did not lay the card have to drink twice 5. if an 8 card is played and then another 8 card is layed on top of it that is three drinks (double card plus the 8 card rule) 6. when you get down to ur last card you have to say "last card" and if you dont and get called on it then you have to drink twice 7. the losing people have to drink three times at the end of the game