Circle of Death All You need is a deck of cards and hopefully more then three people. 13 cards are layed in a circle face down on the table. Then all the remaining cards are dealt out to players face down so the other players don't see thier cards. A player may hold and look at their cards but they probably don't want to show them to other people. Teamwork is however allowed so showing is optional. As each card is flipped around the circle it is worth a value based on it's position in the circle. The first card is worth 2, second worth 3 and so on until you get to card 10 which is now valued as a Jack, 11 is a Queen, 12 is a King and 13 is an Ace. Also, as cards around the table are flipped, they are worth their face value. Here is an example: Say the first card in the circle is flipped, because it is the first in line it's value is the same as any 2 in the deck of cards. If I have a two of say... hearts in my hand I can hand it to someone and they will drink two. This same card that was flipped also happens to be a Jack of Diamonds making it worth 11 drinks, If I hold a Jack in my hand I may pass it to someone making them drink 11. Each card can only be played once per card flipped in the circle. This means that I can't hand Bob the 2 of Diamonds and then he passes the same 2 of diamonds to Chris before the next card has been turned in the circle. For an added bonus, if a card in the circle is flipped and it's face value is the same as it's value in the circle it is worth double. So if I flip the card valued at 5 and it is a 5 of spades, it would be worth 10 drinks. From: Josh Hawks